HP-71B/RS232 Handshaking with Computer


Recently while trying to get the RS232 and the HP-71B to handshake with my computer, Windows XP, I found the HP82440A Development Utility Owners Manual. Following the procedure in this manual,in order to initialize the "IBM Personal Computer", enter the following command:
C:/MODE COM1:600,N,8,1,RS,CS0,DS0,CD0
The A> replaced with the C:/
This command only gives an invalid command error. When I type the following command:
C:/MODE COM1:600,N,8,1
The following result occurs:
Status for Device COM1:
Baud: 600
Parity: None
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Timeout: OFF
CTS Handshaking: OFF
DSR Handshaking: OFF
DSR Sensitivity: OFF
DTR circuit: ON
RTS circuit: ON
Obviously, there are other parameters that are needed to complete this handshake.
Can anyone help me with this?


Tony Duell gives the pinouts for connecting the hp82164a to a serial port. He mentioned it requires a special pinout due to the interesting way the 82164 handles handshaking.

If you're interested in a good program to connect your 71b to a modern PC using the hp82164a, let me know. I have a program that allows you to tranfer files back and forth, turns the PC into an 80 column display, and lets you use the PC keyboard to type on your 71. It works great on my XP machine.



Andy, this sounds great. What are the chances to eavesdrop on this software. Can it upload and down load as well.



For interfacing HP71 to PC ask Jean-Francois Garnier for his new EMU71 version. Like the full version of EMU41 you get real HP-IL support, the HP-IL/PC interface card is needed...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

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