49G+/Mac: Next Question


I really wish HP wouldn't make things so complicated. I just checked their site (www.hp.com), looking for a place where I could download the update for my new 49G+.

Guess what? HP must be in bed with Bill Gates. Apparently you are expected too. I couldn't find a link for Macintosh users.

Thanks to the forum members, I now have an SD card and a reader -- but HP has placed a new roadblock on Mac users. Could some kind and understanding soul please point me in the right direction? My 49G+ is at version 1.2, the display flickers, and the batteries probably won't last much longer.




You have to download the *.exe and extract the necessary files from that. I used a PC I had on hand and then sent the appropriate files to my Mac. If you would like, I could e-mail the files (approx. 1.2 MB) to you.

Tom Scott


If you would like, I could e-mail the files (approx. 1.2 MB) to you.

That would be great. Two things, though:

1. If you can distribute the files in a non-.EXE format, why can't HP do the same?

2. I hope the files make it through the e-mail. Some ISPs limit the size of e-mailed files, and I'm not sure that's the case for my ISP (Earthlink).

My email address is kajzero AT earthlink DOT net. Thank you!



Ernie, check out my comment above. The problem of PC stuff for MAC guys like us will always be there. Go buy Virtual PC.


check out my comment above. The problem of PC stuff for MAC guys like us will always be there. Go buy Virtual PC.

I'm aware that the problem won't go away. But at more than $200, Virtual PC is too much for me right now. Besides, Micro$oft only makes it for OS X, apparently... and I'm using 9.2. I just downgraded my Mac from 10.2.6 to 9.2 after having too many problems with crashes, freezes, and general slowness of OS X.

Maybe I'll find somewhere an old copy of SoftWindows or Virtual PC.

Thanks for your reply.




The tool "cabextract" will allow you to extract the contents of the ROM update file on a non-Windows machine. I've not tried it on a Mac (only Linux), but I've found some webpages that imply that it compiles and works OK on OSX.

The source is available here:

This is not an elegant solution, but it should be able to get the job done.

If this tool doesn't work out, or the ROM doesn't survive the email, post a reply and I'll put the file on the web and email you a link.

Good luck

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