HP48/49 graphics


Does anybody know how to load graphics (i.e. a 131 x 64 bitmap) from a PC to an HP48 or 49?

... and how to add labels (text) to a graphic on these calculators when you are in PICTURE mode?

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sorry, couldn't resist.

Seriously, all this is explained in the manual.
If that isn't sufficient, take a look at www.hpcalc.org , THE software and documentation site for the HP-48 and others.



Perhaps it is explained in the HP49G+ manuals but could you tell me in which page of the HP49G or HP48G manuals have you found:

- convert bitmaps (as the ones made with Windows Paint) to an HP48/49 GROB (pass them later to the calculator, of course, it is explained).
- add text to a GROB (I mean any text, not coordinate labels).

which were my two questions?

I have downloaded the two HP49+ manuals and at first glance have no seen answer to my 1st question. A "bitmap" search gives no answer.

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XnView should do the trick - google for it.


Well, coverting from a file made on a PC to a grob may be just a tad more complicated than simply transferring a grob. Try a search at http://www.hpcalc.org/.


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