HP-41CV vs. HP-41CX: 12KB vs. 24KB


I was looking through my HP stuff and came across an advertising booklet (HP 5954-1474 12/87) Selling Hewlett-Packard Calculators .

While describing The HP-41/CV/CX Advanced Programmable Calculators it states:

- 24K-byte operating system (HP-41CV has 12K)
I guess they must be counting the TIME MODULE and EXTENDED FUNCTIONS modules as 8K more. Is the TEXT EDITOR the additional 4K, or did I miss something? What is the mainframe address structure (please review in case I missed something) following the 4K page concept and numbering 4K blocks as Hex 0 through F.



Pages 0, 1 and 2 are the "mainframe ROMs"
Page 3 is the CX X functions
Page 5 (bank 1) is the timer module
Page 5 (bank 2) is the new CX timer and X functions

executing the enbank 2 instruction in either page 3
or page 5 enables bank 2 in page 5. powoff puts
everything back to bank 1.


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