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Hi all,

Is those PCMCIA SD/MMC adapters compatible with the HP-95LX? I have MMC cards and I wish to use them on my 95LX (just acquired!)
I have a SD/MMC card reader on my PC, I think that this can be a great (and easy!) way of transfer fiels between them.
If not compatible, I can do this by serial, but I don't have the discs/manual of the HP-95LX (bought used).

I am searching also documentation about its hardware, to program in assembler or TurboPascal. I know the PC (XT) hardware pretty well (I used to program them in asm/TurboPascal 'eons' ago...), but I need to know the differences/particularities of the 95LX hardware (screen, keyboard, serial/IR, etc).

Thanks in advance!



Hello Nelson,

I use a PCMCIA adapter with a Compact Flash card with a hp200lx, but not sure about the SD/MMC adapters. The 95lx supports the PCMCIA 1.0 & JEDI 4.0 standards with ram cards up to 2 megabytes.

I use a 512k ram card (HP F1003A) with the 95lx. These are available from Thaddeus Computing. I think I paid around $15.00 used. Larger sizes are also available.

For information regarding programming, try http://www.palmtoppaper.com. They have a 100/200 developer's guide that may also provide information for the hp95lx. They also have a CD Infobase with early issues of a magazine supporting the hp95lx. Some of the information on their CD Infobase is also online at http://www.palmtoppaper.com/PTPHTML/index.htm

Another website for the palmtops is http://www.palmtop.net. There is a file available that discusses assembly language with the hp95lx. I don't remember the name of the file right now, but a search on the site could find it.

Good luck,



The file previously mentioned is hp95dev.zip, and is available for download at http://www.reto.com/hp95lx/programming.html.



Thank you very much for the hint to this nice site.



Thanks for the links, I'll browse them.

I already know that the PCMCIA that the 95LX uses is 1.0, but I can't find what stantard this cards support:



Best regards,



i have successfully used a PCMCIA-CF adaptor on my 200lx, but it doesn't work on my 100lx or 95lx. additionally, most of the 5 or 6 PCMCIA memory cards that also work on the 200lx don't work either. The exceptions being SRAM cards.

i haven't tried using the available drivers, though. all the cards work well in my desktop with the SCM adaptor.

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