HP still makes 42S.


I just got a new 42S with s/n ID00300026 and it is made in Indonesia. I got this from the local HP services center in Hong Kong.


You STILL FIND, but i don't think that HP STILL MAKES HP42S


How much do you pay??


HP still MAKES them (or, at least, stamps the serial number on them), but DOES NOT SELL them. You may only obtain such machines as a repair/exchange service event. You must send them a used 42S and pay about $ 70 (in the US) to obtain a replacement unit. I did so last year, don't know if such option is still available.


You're right. The HP service center does not sell HP42S anymore. You should send them a broken 42S plus repair charge, then they will give you a new 42S a few days later. I have asked them how come the new 42S and they replied that the new 42S is a back orde from other country for the discontinued calculator.


Ok, but How much does it cost you?, Because I have a broken one and I like to get the replacement. Thanks in advance.


I had a 42S with some display problems, send it to the repair center in the US (previously I checked by phone), and they send a "new" 42S, with an Indonesian S/Number which corresponds to week 18 of 1999, I think. I paid about U$S 69 + tax. I arranged with a friend to receive the "new" unit in the US, since I live in Argentina.

The new model came with batteries, and it is not a repaired one, it is a new one. The orange/yellow shift key is clearer than in the original, and the back of the case shows new agency certification marks. The keys appeared to be dirty upon reception, but I cleaned them with a soft dry cloth and them looked new from then on. I think the display is not exactly the same, but is almost indistinguishable.

I had misplaced the "old" vinyl pouch and batteries door, so I didn't send these items to HP. The new unit came with a new vinyl pouch, alkaline batteries installed, and with the batteries door in place.

I hope you can exchange yours, this repair/exchange program is supposed to end during year 2000. Good luck!

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