HP 38C


I have had an HP 38C for about seven years now and had received it as a hand me down. It came with nothing but the functioning chasis, battery door and battery carousel.

I keep hearing about a "charger" for this model in the classified section. Does anyone know what the charger is for? Is it simply a "power cord"?

If in fact it is a power cord, I may make a bid for someone selling the cord or the cord with a non functioning 38C in classifieds.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Paul - NY, NY


All 3X series (Spices, not recent 38 or 39) do use the same adapter. Thje connecter is similar for all models, a long square notch with 2 contacts.

This calculator can even work with the adapter and no battery pack connected.

You will easily find such an adapter by placing an ad on this site or on ebay. I you don't I think I do have a few US models for spare but because of shipping costs consider ebay as a 1st option.

Good luck !



Hey Paul,

Go look under "Battery Packs & Chargers" on the main page for the P/N of chargers for your 38C. The "B" model chargers are preferred; per the manual (I've got a 38C, too) the "A" models won't harm the calculator but may clear the continuous memory. The manual also warns to not operate the calculator via charger without a battery pack in place. There's been plenty of discussion on the Forum on this topic before.

You should be able to score an applicable charger on eBay for $20-30 - that's what I did last year.




Actually Spice series chargers can still be had on Ebay for $5-$10 if you are willing to do some hunting. The "B" series chargers are best for the continuous memory models (otherwise you can lose memory when plugging the charger in).

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