You think they could have slowed down the easter egg tetris? How am I supposed to play when the pieces fall so quickly?


Forget it, hang up your spikes!

Give your new HP-49G+ to some little kid; only he has the reflexes to play such a game! (You want my kid's shipping address?) ;)


Please forgive me the question, but I think I missed this "easter-egg": Which key-combination does reveal the tetris game on the 49G(+) at all?



HpMAd is way too fast, but "MINEISBETTER" works.


Oh yes, I forgot about MINEISBETTER. Are there any other easter eggs? It looks like there is no equivalent of the pictures in the 49G's ON-F4 menu.


to get the HpMad tetris, go to one of the check boxes (such as 'Beep' in MODE) and type "HpMad" (with quotes) and press ENTER.


Brandon, thank you very much for this information!!! Though knowing the "easter-eggs" by means of "ON-F4+some keys", where espec. the pic of Cyrille (I think) shows up with the text "HPmad", I couldn't get it run ... and that drove me crazy as you can imagine :-) Thanks again!


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