HP 25C keyboard repair


Hi all,

I have a HP 25C whose keyboard PCB has come off, and now I'm confronted with the necessity to put it back on. What's the best way to do this, i.e. can I somehow 'redo' the heatstaking that keeps the PCB in place?

Thanks for any helpful suggestions,


Hi Victor,

If you need some spares, I have a dead 25.

Best regards,



Would that be a 25C? Because the machine I'm trying to reanimate is a 25C...

Thanks, Victor


The HP25 and 25C use the same keyboard. Only difference is in the "HP25C" and "Continuous Memory" labeling.


Yes, I know that, but the 'Continuous Memory' writing is just so cool...

Anyway, Thibaut, what about that dead HP 25 of yours? Is its keyboard intact?

Thanks, Victor

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