HP41CV / CX interfacing with MCUs [LONG]


Hi to all,
I would like advice on purchasing a 41CV or CX model.
I would like to build some HP-IL interfacing circuits to communicate with MCUs like pic and DSP.

I would like to know useful tips in choosing a good one, common pitfalls and mistakes.

What does it mean halfnut, fullnut, which one is best and how can I check which is which.

Is there a firmware revision better than others, and the like.

I would like advice on how to succesfully interface using the HP-IL module, I am not sure about what to look for.

- HP41CV or CX. Is that worh getting a CX instead of a CV?

- eurocharger (Italy 220V/50Hz) or at least a power cord

- HP-IL interface module ( 82160A or 82401 ? ).

- HP-IL cable to get the IL connectors.

- HP-IL expansion ROM or HP-IL DEVELOPMENT ROM . Not sure about this, which one, if any is necessary to control a HP-IL bus?

Nice to have:
- A magnetic card reader (even broken) to host some circuitry

- 82164A HP-IL/RS-232 May be useful to transfer programs between computer and the hp41? I would like to know alternatives that
works, this seems a little expensive unit to get.

Is it correct, or am I wrong? Am I missing something important and/or useful?

Giuseppe Marullo

Thanks in advance


P.S. please I need a quick answer time goes by...


Nobody willing to help? I won a auction so now I have a HP-41CX halfnut (in a few days).

I am sorry if I did't do all of my homework before posting, but now I know a little more, even major part of infos is still missing.

Giuseppe Marullo


Dear Giuseppe,

for hardware interfacing solutions with HP41 take a CX model plus IL-Module plus EXT-I/O Module and the HP82166A IL-Converter. The last unit gives you a parallel 8 or 16 bit port and some handshake lines for interfacing your external hardware - for example a PIC. Some more details, hardware circuits and software routines you find in the I/O-board manual (over 300 pages)and the IL2000 manual (150 pages).

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

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