49g+ stunt calc in photo (long)


Hey, yep...still sitting here in the lab trying to do my homework, with occasional staring/gazing bouts at the sealed 49g+ on my desk...why don't I open it?? Oh, well you know, the '7' key looks like someone jabbed it crooked with a pencil. I can't believe I missed that in the store!! Arghh..so anyway, in my staring, I noticed that the calculator in the hand of the guy featured on the package isn't really in his hand, but looks superimposed, hahaa, folly. Oh, he's holding a real set of blueprints in the other hand, but no real calc. Hey, if you have seen it, it makes me think of star trek, "capt, I'm getting strange readings..wait there's nothing in my hand!" Or is it a garage door opener..heh heh.

Ok, enough of that, I am eager to use my new calc, just gotta wait to go back for an exchange in the morning. They won't take opened packages, and claimed that they've had nearly 200 returned 10bii+ (is that what its called?) already...though, if its rpn I think it just might be uninitiated college students who didn't see that brickwall on their radar...

I'm in deep envy of those of you who can already use your machines!! Ok, back to fracture mechanics for now.


agreed, it is a fake picture for sure.


I always laugh at the dweeby-looking people that marketing types come up with for product promotion photos. Can the photo look any more contrived than it already does? Is the guy on the left "dancing the Egyptian" or relating his latest surfing story? And when is the last time you saw a couple of civil engineers in suits? Don't go anywhere without your safety glasses and hard hats, either! We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt when that guy's keyboard stops working and he hurls his 49g+. ;)

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