Is this the "great" 49g+ we've been waiting for?


I was surprised and happy to find the 49g+ in my bookstore tonight...and it was only 132.00! So, I bought one, and sit here in the library in awe...the '7' key sits like a lifted pickup with one flat tire! The policy is open=permanent sale, so...guess I can't afford that risk, gotta go play with one at fry's...

Too bad, the machine looked great in the dim light of bookstore...



Well, I don't know about great. It's too soon to say. But it sure looks nice. (Same image, but over twice as big: nearly 1 Mb.)

(Sorry about your "7" key, by the way. I hope you get a suitable exchange.)

The ROM upgrade went well -- read everything in the upgrade instructions before starting. Note that the messages & prompts won't read exactly as documented, but they're close enough. And you may want to practice the paper clip "reset" first, just to get the feel of it.

The USB cable and connectivity software seem to work, and the program offers clear, helpful prompts. Note that, for some reason, downloading (for example) a .txt file is a different process than backup & restore, and while doing the latter the download/upload options are not active in the Conn4x menu. Just disconnect the backup/restore connection to make the down/upload options available.

I note that the calculator face and screen seem to be plastic, and hence will show wear over time! (I've a Casio wristwatch that I thought was entirely stainless steel when I bought it -- now I can see the gray plastic case beneath its once deceptive silvery finish.) So, you collectors, buy a second unit and don't use it! Also, I think putting the calculator in the case facing the front may be a good idea, to minimize scratching by the metal magnet clasp on the hinged case cover.

And, by the way, isn't this the best standard case ever provided with a calculator? I don't know of a better quality one, though I grant it is a bit bulky.

But the keyboard isn't perfect -- it does miss keystrokes -- some keys worse than others. It is amazing -- my cheapo little HP-10Bii has (so far, at least) a more reliable keyboard!?!? I like to believe it will be more consistent when it gets "broken in", but I'm not holding my breath.

All in all it is, I think, an elegant unit and a credible attempt to reestablish a presence.


Gee, it looks THIN! Is it the width of a Pioneer or a Charlemagne (48's, 38G, 39G)? Or does it look so thin only because it's long?


If by "thin" you mean front-to-back depth, yes, I think it does indeed have a slightly lower profile than the 48G, etc.

It appears slightly wider (side-to-side), however, and that probably emphasizes its thinness.

I don't have a Charlemagne at hand for comparison just now, but I was able to zip up the 49G+ my 48G's nylon case -- the increased width compensated for the decreased depth, and so it was a snug fit. (Length-wise, top-to-bottom, I'd guess they're the same.)

By the way, the fancy case is rich, supple, textured vinyl, with a fuzzy lining and a magnetic closure. Classy, but not actually leather, so use the Armor-All, not the lanolin.

Also, I entered "3" and started pushing X^2 . . . about 15 times or so. (I had to wait for each operation to finish before I could enter another one.) Anyway, I ended up with an integer with almost 63,000 digits(!) before giving up. I suppose I might have continued at least once more, but the last multiplication took something like two hours!

Not having had a 49G, some of these features are new to me!

Aaaaannnnddddd . . . Speaking of "Charlemagne", does anyone know what the code names are (if any) for H-P's new calculator lines?


Hmmmm... verrry interesting!

No one has even mentioned that it has one!

I wonder if this is not because the codenames were more a cultural artifact of the original American or Australian-based designers. By "cultural", I mean that of a small group, as in "corporate culture", but much more local than that.

I suppose the Kinpo people do look at things differntly...

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