PPC-ROM Ebay prices down again


The PPC-ROM prices are at reasonable level again.
They ranged between $350 and $450 two months ago.
Now I saw twice around $160 and now $113, all in perfect condition with perfect manual and pocket guide.


... happy those who did not ran into Ebay trap ...

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Right now I´m looking for Bruno Maignan from Texas. I payed him my Paypal money for an HP17B calc plus mail expenses and I´m ableto conclude our exchange. No replies to my emails, other than "this account will not accept messages from you" and no other direction that I can try to reach. Is there any other means to reach Mr Bruno ? Does anyone know him ?



According to the interactive property tax website in Dallas, TX:





(Note, I am not posting anything that anyone couldn't find on their own. If you pay your property taxes your info is public, just as it is if you register to vote or have a HAM radio license, or....)



I thank you for the info. Now I will try to find this friend by regular mail.

And still there are people that don´t understand what are secret agents for ....



Additional info from extensive web crawling:

Bruno Maignan Computer Svcs

Phone: 972-488-0222

I hope you can resolve the issue and find that it was only a misunderstanding. Otherwise, it's not fair cheating and thinking one is inaccessable just because the deal is done across the internet.


I bought a lot of 20 calculators through Ebay from Bruno Maignan in March. Transaction went fine. In fact, He accidently sent me a box with only the hard calculator case in it for one of the machines; when I notified him, he sent me TWO machines of somewhat greater value.

More recently, on October 10, I won his auction for a Si IC wafer. I haven't received it yet, and haven't heard anything from him about shipping it. He did answer the "Ask seller a question" query I sent him on about October 4.



Jose, You can get contact info from Ebay that will give you his phone number.


But you do not think, that this wil be the final price? I guess it will be arround $400.



Ups, you are right, the auction is over... Well, in that case a good deal.


Good things happen to those who (knwo how to) wait...

Best, ÁM.


Angel, I payed $75 for mine, :) (and I didn´t wait, I bought it two years ago)



Also ZENROM is cheap again! I remember prices around $600 maybe a year or half a year ago.
Now you get it for $108.50, only, with following stuff (ended auction!):

1. 1 Zenrom 1 plug in module.
2. 2 keyboard overlays.
3. 2 quick reference cards for synthetic programming.
4. 1 instruction book for synthetic programming and machine language programming that came with the module.
5. 1 book HP-41 Synthetic Programming Made Easy by Keith Jarett.
6. 1 book Synthetic Programming on the HP-41c by W.C. Wickes.


I think that this price is MAXIMUM reasonable for a 4k only ROM (no 8k, no RAM, nothing!).

I believe that all prices for HP calculators are going down again now. Like stock market dynamics.

It is very dangerous to invest in HP calcs because maybe there will be less people buying these calcs in the future.
It's like very dangerous stock options.
I do not understand people that buy Zenroms or PPC ROMs for $300 or more, crazy!



I agree. This is purely a market for collectors and hobbiests, all others need not apply. Many of Hp's products skyrocketed simply because there was nothing compariable left on the market. The Hp32s is an excellent example. Now that the 33s is in sight and will be available shortly, people (users and uniformed) are willing to wait rather than pay over $200 for a pocker RPN scientific (whether this is really smart or not, ie, if the 33s is of the same quality as the Hp10BII, the 32s will still be the calc to own). If the 33s were a $30 calculator, I would overlook a slight drop in quality, if it is $60, I expect Hp32s type quality, nothing less (and I suspect I will be disappointed)!

But users actually influence this market as much as collectors, because, these Calculators are STILL the right tool for the job. True a PDA can have all the functions of our beloved Hp's but none come with the keyboards that we demand.


3 months ago, it was easy to buy a 48GX for $75 to $100 USD. Now, I just did a survey and found the price is more from $115 to more than $200.

So, market forces are very product specific. Perhaps this is just a "lull" in the 41 market.


Good for you.

BTW, Which one of them was this? :-)

Best, ÁM


Hi Angel,

>>Good for you.<<

No, please don't misunderstand me, I did not win the item, I did not even bid. I only observed the scene ;-)

>>BTW, Which one of them was this? :-) <<

All the six different items TOGETHER including the Zenrom were sold for $108.5 only! please see:

Regards, Frank

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Matthias, mine is from 1982, first pressing. I can still recall the anticipation and excitement of the whole PPC ROM project, perusing the PPC Journals from cover to cover as they were published...

Having said that, I don't think that it's anybody's business to dictaminate, judge, or value the appropriateness (or lack thereof) of any price paid by other people on auctions... for what's worth.

Best, ÁM.

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