I have a HP-41CX that turns itself off after only about a minute. Everything else seems to work. Any suggestions?



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I'm no 41 expert, but I believe this has been discussed here recently. If I remember right, it's either bad contact between the keyboard and the cpu board, or it's a bad capacitor on the cpu board.

But don't take my word for it. Search the Forum or the Archives -- I'm sure you'll find some recent discussion of this very problem.

Good Luck!


I've made a habit, anytime I open a 41 for the first time, of replacing the two electrolytic capacitors with tantalum units. One is a 470 uF @ 6.3 V and the other is a 100 uF at 10 V. I believe the former holds the memory while changing batteries and the latter controls the shutoff time.

I had one 41CX that was eating batteries even while shut off, and it turned out to be a leaky 470 uF cap.


Thanks David,
I will change the capacitors and let you know the results.

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