Question about the Create-a-Calc contest, and 33S Info


When the Create-a-Calc contest was announced, there was a part where the school that submitted the most calculator entries would receive a prize of (I believe) 100 calculators for the school. Does anyone know which school won this? The HP contest results seems to have forgotten this part of the contest, and the Scholastic site doesn't have anything either.

Also, for those Swiss out there, I found the HP-33S on the Swiss HP website: and
. Although there's a purchase button, it doesn't seem to work yet.

Since there are others better at navigating the HP site here, I'll let them do further exploring.

Thanks in advance.
Tony David Potter.


As far as the HP contest, the school that won the 100 calculators is mentioned in the Scholastic Instructor Magazine from last month. I looked at a copy of it. If you want a great laugh, find a copy of it. It is hilarious.

The article is surrounded by pictures of student's calculators. I was looking at some. One looks like a pen and has 6 buttons (numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) I thought it was a base 7 calculator, until i noticed there was no 0. They spotlighted several calculators, and the elementary and middle school grand prize winners. Then, in size 10 font, under the title "Runners Up" was my name. I wasn't too pleased.

So, in conclusion, if you want to know the other winners, or you just want a good laugh, go and find a copy of Scholastic's Instructor Magazine.

oh, BTW Tony, one of the runners up for the high school level was also from Texas (George West to be exact). I wonder if he does UIL.


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