HP 49G+ pre-order available from HP


Go check out: www.smb.compaq.com and look up HP 49G+. The price is $149.00.


Wow! Brilliant..I would never have guessed that HP would advertise their brand new baby on one of the most obscure URLs ever (using compaqs brand name)...and then hide it. Its like a game of Adventure...now which door should I try now to find it.... :-)

The HP49G+ is beginning to be the best calculator I have never owned.....


Well, US$149.99 actually. I wonder what the "Authorized Resellers" think
of HP selling it direct at $26 under the MSRP.



This is not an hidden web site, it is HP's SMB (Small Medium Business- inherited from Compaq hence the URL) site and ALL the HP Calcs can be observed under Handhelds and then Calcultors- it isn't hidden.


I'll delete this if my third try is successful, but (at this moment, at least) "handhelds" from the SMB home doesn't have a "calculators" option.

And "Handheld Devices / Calculators" from www.hp.com doesn't show any of the new models.

I'm sorry, but it's not obvious to me how to get there from here.

But, I assume I'm being impatient -- perhaps things are in a state of flux, what with U.S. availability only now becoming a reality . . .


The key is to indicate "software and peripherals", not "smb store"!!!


Well, it wasn't me who wrote that it's hidden, but I do think they
could've made it a lot easier to find.

Let's see: http://www.hp.com/, now click on "Handheld Devices" to
get to http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/prodserv/handheld.html,
now click on "Calculators" to get to
http://www.hp.com/calculators/, and now click on "graphing" to get
to http://www.hp.com/calculators/graphing/9g/index.html. There,
that wasn't so hard, but this looks as if they haven't released the 49g+
yet; only the 9g is listed. But wait! What if I click on "buy online
from SMB store"? That gets me to
just scroll down, and glory be! They really do offer the 49g+! How could
anyone miss it !?

And with that price so much below the "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail
Price", if word does get around, why would anyone buy them elsewhere? So
why would anyone else stock them? Great marketing HP! It's not hard to
see how HP got to where it is now.



Ahh, yes. I assume the Webmaster is working on updating links as we type . . .

But take a look at that footnote on the $149.99 price;

HP is not liable for pricing errors. If you place an order for a product that was incorrectly priced, we will cancel your order and credit you for any charges. In the event that we inadvertently ship an order based on a pricing error, we will issue a revised invoice to you for the correct price and contact you to obtain your authorization for the additional charge, or assist you with return of the product.

Not exactly a guaranteed price!


Yes, I noticed that. If I recall correctly, they had something drastically underpriced not too long ago, so I hope that that's just a "CYA" disclaimer. I doubt that they'd get away with saying "Oops, we really meant $175.99, so either send another $26 or return the product."


Edited: 17 Oct 2003, 3:39 p.m.


I'm guessing the web site updating started with a provisional database entry, and perhaps a wild stab at a price. It looks as if none of the to-be-expected HP-48G+ hype is yet to be found on the publicly-available web pages, but a database search returned the 49G+ product entry. (As other parts of the probably-not-even-yet-completely-integrated HP & Compaq web sites get updated, things will get brought more into line.)

It will be interesting to see whether $149.99 is indeed going to be HP Shopping's true price. As you said, undercutting one's distributors doesn't seem to be a wise way to do business.


You mean HP-48G+ => hp 48gII


... a slip of the fingers.

This all looked pretty clear, until I was actually able to order by phone -- now it looks as if the price may be correct. Hmmmmmmmmmmm . . .


Hm...well my eyes must be duff. Ive looked at that page twice (Handhelds) and still cannot see any reference to calculators.

I visit the main HP calc web site and at present not a mention of the HP49G+.

It is sincerely shameful how much the web masters dont care about the product. I can understand its not as popular as ink refills etc but its a shame....

Maybe I am seeing a different page to other people....


Praise the lord! I didnt realise you needed a Ph.D in
web site infiltrating to buy an HP calc. Least not last time I bought one..

must be getting too old....


... maybe there's a new "FERRET" command that is used in conjunction with the USB cable and HP's web sites?


I agree with everyone...I don't know how I found the site...serendipity I suppose. I doubt the webmaster knows how serious this could be.


Ok everyone who is exited about these. This is what I found. The HP SMB sales site which is easily found at WWW.HP.COM, there is an area for Home and Home office and Small Business (SMB) on the top right side. Click there (SMB)and a series of categories come up in the middle, including HANDHELD devices (isn't a calculator a handheld-yes)? Click there and scroll down, CALCULATORS SHOW UP and an area where it says SHOP for Hp calcs at SMB- Click there and you are in the area where these are sold. Let's face it Calculators will NOT be the first screen anyone see's at HP.COM. Be reasonable they have 10 million different products and this is ONE of a million. Just use common sense about it. Here is the exact link: it gets you right to them! Don't worry about the price, it probably is correct, if not you'll be contacted however compare what the other units sell for- none are list price, I think they call this street price don't they. In any case Enjoy and be happy stop being upset, you can buy one if you want it!!!!



The HP calculator website URL is:


You can click on the 49g+ pic under "Graphing Calculators" and it brings you to a "buy online button" right next to the product. This says it is "coming soon" but if you click on "Buy from SMB Online", you will be able to buy from the business store.

Happy shopping.


Go check out: www.smb.compaq.com, select software & peripherals, and look up HP 49G+. The price is $149.00.


FYI --

I called the SMB order line (800.888.9909) and entered the required button-pushes. The salesperson couldn't find (!) the HP-49G+ using the typical path, so I offered the manufacturer's number (#F2228#ABA) and voila!

Interestingly, the SMB unit has a physical presence in all 50 states, so I had to pay Washington State sales tax, which sorta' cut into the savings a bit -- as in, completely wiped 'em out and then some!

But his system showed the 49G+ in stock & shipping, so I went ahead.

(Now for the waiting . . . )


I too, just ordered a 49G+... see what happens (?).

I also have a 49G+ and 48GII on order from Samson Cables.

Hopefully, someone will come thru! :-D

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