I've been following the 49G+ saga with great interest. As the release date keeps being pushed further and further, I wonder if there's a hardware equivalent to the software "vaporware."

Hmm. "Kettleware." Sure describes the 49G+ perfectly. Opinions, anyone?



The 49G+ it's been released in Spain for several weeks now, at some 250 euros or so. Don't know why does it take so long to be released elsewhere ...

Best regards from V.



I get the impression that HP is subcontracting the new calculator from another (presumably small or smaller) manufacturer. If my assumption is true, then it explains why the new calculators are hitting the market at a speed that exceeds the speed of light (said with tongue and cheek).

Or maybe there is a black hole that appeared near the factory that makes the new HP calculators.

Or .... a more possible explanation ...

A band of fanatic TI calculator gremlins are messing up the production of the new HP calculators.

soooooooooooo ... pick the explaination you like ... or be my guest and throw one of your own making!

Frustrated Buyer for new HP calculator!!



PS: Until the new HP calculator arrive I have much time to write silly comments that this one!

PS2 (no this is NOT the PlayStation 2): I am actually busy writing an HP-67 emulator in Windows.


Faster than the speed of light...hmm doesnt that mean things start to go backwards...maybe the MBAs at HP are working hard to discover a steam engine...

Me too ... too much time on my hands trying to decide if its worth spending the money....

Maybe I'll start collecting stamps...



If you find stamps for the HP65, HP67, HP55, and HP41CX drop me a line please!




Kjeh, kjeh (G) I have been using the best calculator there currently exists from last month, I also have a hp 48gII in my hands plus a hp 17bII+. The memory in the 17 is good, the currency calc from the 19 has been added, so it's ok. The 48gII has a fast serial port and is best used as a controller, but the 49g+ is the king! the overall speed is very good (like in the 48gII, too) so it just feel snappy. The manuals are a must even for a former 49G user: finally there is a usable manual (even with details in ODE & Matrix calculations. Yammy!) Sorry that you Yankees can't have it yet...aaah! It feels so good to finally have some warp speed....

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