rom fix for 49G


Recently a post showed up regarding the adjustablity of the time in which the 49g records a key press, I believe the function is "KEYTIME". I have checked my rom version and it was the latest official release from HP, since my 49g isn't in front of me, I will guess and say 1.18. Here's the procedure I tried:

1. Clear stack.
2. Introduce the desired value to the stack, I tried 500.
3. Key in 'KEYTIME', including the ' marks.

When this didn't seem to work, I tried : 500-> 'keytime', and other variants. Will someone please point out the correct variant that I must have missed? Or is this feature only on the unofficial 1.19 rom?



How about using it from the CATalog?
The command to set the value is ->KEYTIME.
You will find it more easily (while in the CATalog) by pressing [Right-Shift] [ 0 ], which says -> in red.

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