I've had difficulty finding alkiline and silver oxide batteries at local retailers, and some battery web sites are outrageously expensive. Anyone know if the site, , is a good source for batteries? Any suggestions?


Have had good success with the batteries I got from that source. Used them in HP-20S, HP-32SII, and HP-42S with no problem. 12345 to delete.


I recently ordered some calculator batteries from Their prices seem very reasonable if you order 5 or more of a given type. I paid $1.38 each for some Eveready 357s.


Any good camera shop will have SR/LR 44's. What does it matter what they cost, given the infrequent replacement? ...unless you do a lot of printing of course.


I bought replacements for my 32S at Radio Shack, bit pricey but I seldom change them.

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