Price on ebay


People become more crazy than me. I don´t believe it...


Ya, das ist colosssssaaaaaaaalllllllll !!!!


Way toooooooooooooooooo high!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matthias you stupid fool, I can't believe it !!!

Add the prices of your auctions that you won, they include the same items and result to the same amount !

Probably you should learn to use the calculator(s) you acquired !


...sorry for that. I didn't realize that you must be a kind of "handicapped person".


Not fair... Who are you, Mr truemondu?


...not fair? Give me a break and go back to kindergarden !!!

I'm the one who acquired that completely overpaid Calculator! (Which I actually use for work)


There is no reason for being aggressive.

We all one day overpaid an ebay item we really desired... Who did not ?


You are right, i overpaid ofen on eBay for calculators ... But not over 100$ for a paper brochure indee... But i can understaand it's easy to get crasy with eBay : HP offers is less than the demand so....


...if there is anything agressively in my statements then I apologize for all exclamation points that I typed... the way, could you or my "new friend" Matthias sell a really virginal HP-41CV with memory-, time-, and Schenk modul, mint original manuals in its original boxes for less than 500US$ ?


It depends.

The NIB CX's from last year first went for about 75 EUR,
and two years ago a complete Schenk module went for about 50 EUR.
Of course this was before the price inflation;-)
I think it's a mixed calculation.
Sometimes you get an item for that much, sometimes nearly for free. So the medium price over time may be moderate.

However, there are some really rare HP-41 related items which I wouldn't let go for less than you paid for the mentioned set. Interested?



Shure I could sell a virgin CX with Bobby Schenk module, I can do this several time cause I have thm all on stock, but I do not sell them to a aggressive person like you!


Hi Matthias - I would be really interested in one of your Schenkmodules. But first let me know about the price(-range). I stepped in to a "Fettnäpfli" before remember the diagnostic module? By the way, did you get it at last? Looking forward hearing from you soon. Gruss Stephan


Sorry Mattias I have entered a wrong e-mail address in the previous posting. This posting has the corrected one. Gruss Stephan


Thibaut, I think he´s become aggressive, cause he now realize his overpaid bid, hehehe... happy paying my dear friend "truemondu" (who does not publish his real name)



Oh, Sir, please accept my apologies.
I did not realize that I was just a lowly HP-41 user compared with you.
Kindergarten? Why not?
When you are old, you want to be a child,when you are young, you would like to be older.
There's certainly here some sexy baby sitters. ;o)
No hard feelings, Mr incognito!

I encourage folks to check out Warren Furlow's HP41CX emulation. This babe has NO key problems, NO battery corrosion, NO display problems, AND NOOOOOO COST!

Also, you can read and write programs to you PC. Now that is a class act!





I was thinking that a nice feature for the emulator would be the ability to use the keyboard for input. The TI-59 emulator allows this. :p In fact, if all 41CX keys were mapped, then you could get one of those customizable PC keyboards and recreate the 41CX's keyboard.

Next on the wish list would be the ability to resize it (a 2X switch would be fine). On high-resolution screens, the calculator gets pretty small.



Where is that emulator? URL? I would like to try it at 2048*1536 resolution (21" Sony F520)


Cannot post URL here...

Anyway it's still quite usable @ 1800x1440.



I have the URL, and I downloaded the V41. Can someone please send me the LCD4.TTF font file, it was broken...BIG is good at 2048, but HUGE would be even better...


If you go to Warren's website and go to the all emulators download section, you will find a download for the fixed LCD4.TTF for Windows 2000 SP4 and up.


My mistake! I was using ev41 and not V41. Everything is much better now. :)


The emulators are perfect. But...

Firstly, there is no value for collector to own the emulator.
Secondly, you cannot take the emulator in your pocket and have a good calculator anywhere you go.
For me, the main problem with emulators is, that I am not able to use them when I am working on PC. Of course, I have both HP-41 and HP-16C emulators in Start/Accessories/ menu of WinXP, but when I need to calculate something, it is more confortable for me to grab a real calculator.

And one more argument against emulator. It is almost impossible to take bunch of papers, pencil, HP-16C emulator and go to the toilet, where I finally have enough time and peace to think if my newest ASM routine will work. :-)


Nice to know I have company in the washroom. But make sure I don't leave my HP manuals behind when I leave!


"Secondly, you cannot take the emulator in your pocket and have a good calculator anywhere you go"

You can - if your emulator runs on a HP48/49 [or - without a proper keyboard - a Palm/PPC, etc. device]


Not to forget the sheer tactile pleasure of holding a 41 or Voyager in your hand and feeling that satisfying click of the keys - heaven!


I was not aware of any HP-16C emulator for Windows XP. Is this a real emulator or just a simulator? Thanks.


Just a simulator. But it works OK.

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