Wanting Info on Monroe "Educator" Mechanical Adding Machine


Is anyone here, or does anyone know of, a source of information on the Monroe "Educator" mechanical adding machine?

There is no model # on the outside, but I'll look for one in the next few days when I open it up.

I just now picked it up and haven't found anything with a few quick Google searches. If anyone knows something or where to look, I will appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks . . .


Go here and find Calclist-T and subscribe.


There are many links to other sites as well. To use it simply enter the numbers by pressing the keys and turn the large crank. The small crank at the end of the carriage clears the registers and the T crank on front is the carriage shift. Reprints of instructions are available from Office Machines Americana in Idaho.


It seems that in early searching I was too focussed on the "Educator" model name -- searches for "monroe adding machine" & the like gave relevant results -- not surprisingly, some of them right here at the MoHPC.

I also found record of an eBay sale of a similar item, though that one appears to have been much more complete and probably in better condition that is the one I found. (Mine appears older, with red & gold block letters for the company logo, but is missing its large right-hand crank.)

I'll check the references you've given. Thanks again.

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