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Dear All,
My HP 49G displays the message "Awaiting Server Cmd" but the PC connectivity kit(ver 3.0r4 running on Windows XP Pro) fails to "Connect to the Calculator" and "Get calculator information". The lower pane on the PC connectivity kit screen just displays "double click to try to connect" and I get the same errors above when I try to do so.
I am able to print screen dumps from the calculator to the PC so I know the connection is okay.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

Regards, Neil


Make sure the port settings (speed, baud rate, parity etc) are the same as on your HP and that you select the correct port.

Cheers, Victor


Thanks. I am using kermit and all the settings on the calculator (port, translation, baud and checksum) match those on the PC conn kit. Parity is set to "none", checksum=3, etc. Still no luck...



Where it says "Connect using" , select HPx9G+ option.
Select from file if you want to download or upload. Type filename in box. The rest would be displayed on box tat comes up. Good luck.


"Where it says "Connect using" , select HPx9G+ option. Select from file if you want to download or upload. Type filename in box. The rest would be displayed on box tat comes up. Good luck."

Where did he say "hp 49g+"???


No, its definitely not a HP49G+.


same thing happened to me, but I think my home-made cable finally broke (I made it rather quickly).


...then check, that port is setted to 'Enabled', what you tried to use!

Good luck!



OOPs sorry.


I've occasionally had this happen. Doing a "Restart" on MS Windows 98SE always seems to get it working again for me. I'm not positive, but I think that connecting to the calculator with HyperTerminal (and then disconnecting HyperTerminal) has fixed it too. I'm guessing that for some reason MS Windows "thinks" that that COM port is already in use.


Thanks guys, I still can't work out why I can do a calculator screen dump to the PC yet it tells me it has failed to connect. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I will persevere (or perish trying!!)


I've tried the new version (3.04) in the meantime, it works without any problems with both my HP 48G+ and 49G.

Some thoughts to consider:

- Make sure that the COM port your calculator is connected to is actually enabled, as suggested by Tizedes Csaba.

- Make sure the COM port you're thinking of is the one you're actually using. I know it sounds silly, but maybe you think you're on port 1 when it's actually port 2.

- Check if any other application (e.g. fax software or the program to make screen shots from your HP) is using that port, preventing HPComm from using it. If so, disable them and try again.

- Make sure you actually use Kermit. Start the server on you HP by pressing and holding right-shift, then pressing right arrow. On my 1.19-5 ROM, not holding right-shift when pressing right arrow starts the Xmodem server instead. It should say 'Awaiting server command' in the display.

- Check if translation (Newline) and checksum (3) settings are the same as in HPComm.

- Delete any IOPAR variables sticking around to revert to the calculators defaults, and move to the home diretory before starting the server.

Hmmm.. can't think of any more right now. Tell us if you succeed. Good luck!

Cheers, Victor


.. just crossed my eyes: On HP's website there is no mentioning of Win XP, just older versions up to 2000. Maybe someone else can comment on this? I'm using 2000 myself, which obviously works OK.

Cheers, Victor


I have no problems whatsoever using win XP Home Edition.


I have no problems whatsoever using win XP Pro Edition.


You are right, of course. With a little searching an clicking you can find a 'Windoes XP compatibility statement' on HP's website. HPComm for HP 48/49 is said to be fully compatible.

Neil, any news?

Cheers, Victor


Not in this case...
No luck as yet but I will try out your earlier suggestions. I really appreciate everyone's input.


Still no luck. One thing I noticed is that the Calculator Communications Settings dialogue box shows a HP48 and its grayed-out so it can't be changed to a 49. Is that a generic setting for both the 48 and 49?

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