So...who here will be buying a 49G+?q


Yep...I know Wayne and Norm won't. :-)

But...who else here is waiting until they are available here in the US?


I will buy one as soon as they are available at large US retailers. No use burdening a small mail-order outfit with multiple returns or myself with the hassle and expense of mailing defective units back. ;)



I'd like to get my hands on one for a "test drive" before I commit to buying one. I didn't like the HP-49G (actually, that's a gross understatement), but I'm willing to give the G+ a fair chance.



yes, definitly waiting for the 49g+. If they've got the grapher spead up and the keys are plastic, it will surely make life easier. also looking forward to a better case, and a non-reflective (or at least not as much as the 49G's) screen.


I don't know what the price of the 49G+ is. If it's around $150 I think I would buy one if I have permission from my wife.
May be it works better than Norm's 34c huh?


My wife (and me sometimes) can't understand a yet another new calc purchase. I'm going to wait until my 49G to die before I get a 49G+. Of couse if the 49G+ turns out to be a must have winner, my 49G might find itself accidently placed beneath my Honda rear tire!!



You also have the option of selling your HP49G on Ebay, Amazon, or even here, and using what you get for the 49 to buy the HP49G+. Thanks to easy online trading we rarely feel "stuck" with aproduct we no longer want to keep.




You brought a tear to my eye. (Similar themes at my house.) Put it under MY tires! (I won't back up... I'll sneak off the car and PICK IT UP!) I'd treat it real good, promise!


I think so -- it sounds and appears to be a nice unit.

I definitely will buy a 33s because, appearance notwithstanding, that's more like what I really want. But while sitting out its delay in shipment, a 49G+ would probably keep me distracted.


As I mentioned in my post of October 12, I'm willing to give the 49G+ a try, and eventually buy it, if I ever see one. So far, however, all I've seen is vaporware -- no hardware.



I plan to buy one (or hint heavily to wife) around Christmas.


Personally, I still keep my fingers crossed for the HP-33S magically being turned into a HP-42S compatible successor with more memory and I/O... if not I would probably buy a HP-49G+ when (if?) Hrastprogrammer has upgraded HP-42X for it...

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling


I will...might even buy 2...duh!

Tried and their web site and must say I am totally disgusted by them. Their ordering web site doesnt make clear how to pay for internal delivery. (Do Americans truly believe that the world is US and CAN only? .. no dont answer that!)

Anyway I placed an order on the web site, quoted credit card.

And waited .. no confirm email. So I mailed them again and told them to mail me at work or at home, and .... nothing. Not a sausage!

I dont know if they have my order or not...I presume not so will have to try somewhere else. Definitely would touch those amateurs with a bargepole again.

(I didnt phone because of the TZ differences).

Oh well...its taking so long that I am beginning to lose interest in the calc altogether....


Darn it...that should have been "would NOT touch them with a bargepole..."

Thinks my PC keyboard is emulating the HP49G+....oh well...


So where would I see one? Nobody around here carries HP calculators anymore. I don't think the bookstores serving the university in the next town carry them any more.

I'd have to go by the pictures and mail order one. One does like to actually see one before commiting.


Well, I've "pre-ordered" one, hoping that it will be an improvement over the 49G, but I've begun to wondered whether I'll ever receive it.


I will wait---until the fall-out.

We'll see about the 33s.

My better judgement is to wait---I like the vintage models--why upgrade!



Bill, vintage calculators are almost by definition on the verge of wearing out. Of course, it probably happens gradually, unless you drop it a lot. (I have on occasion dropped my 34C, but that never impaired its functioning; time took care of that!)

I have heard right here on this forum that some folks are buying the new ones so as to prolong the service life of their old ones, by "taking the load off them". Not a bad idea, really, if one can spare the cash. The 33S is quite reasonably priced and scientific models like it are probably better for students than any graphing model by any company.

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