HP-01Calculator watch.


I own a HP-01 Calculatorwatch,all functions are working. Some of the keys are worn because of the use of the metal stylus. I would like to replace either the entire key board or just the few that are worn. I want to offer the watch for sale on e-Bay. I also would like to buy a stylus pen with retractable plastic point, to be added to the package when offered for sale.Would like to hear from you. Henry Solan


Good luck finding parts for the '01. You really need to buy a parts unit, and even then there's likely to be wear to the keys. I'm sure your watch will fetch a handsome price as-is.

You can find lots of styli at styluscentral.com.


The pen/stylus for the Pulsar calculator watch is identical to the HP. Some are lightly marked with the company name, others are blank.

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