HP95-LX ?????


I have a HP95Lx and it indicates 'LOW MAIN BATTERY', but i just put in fresh ones. I have the machine fore a few day's now, and it alway's give the low battery indicator. I measured the battery's and they are good, ranching between 1.50 - 1.53V. I tried 8 battery's in totaal and all give 'LOW MAIN BATTERY' . Is this a hardware or software bug perhaps?

Any commend welcome, for this machine is new for me, and it's my first palmtop.

Thank's in advance, Erwin


Just in case, check the BACKUP Lithium battery. Perhaps it is down, and somehow triggering the wrong message (¡?)



I don't know about the 95LX but I have a 200 LX and you have to set the proper battery type in the setup menu. Have you checked that?



The 95 does not have a nicad/alkaline setting as it is not designed to recharge batteries internally. (I have both a 95 and a 100.) That is also why you should not use the 95's wall wart with a 100/200.


I use alkaline non-rechargeble batteries.



The backup battery is also a fresh one. And about the battery type setting; there is no such application on the 95LX. Atleast i can't find it.

Thank's for your respons, Erwin.

Any more ideas?


If you don't mind losing all calculator memory, you might try a hard reset. Or possibly try running the built in self-tests. rdb.


There's an error in the battery detection hardware of some 95s. A friend of mine used such a machine til abt. two weeks ago (he bought a palm pilot).

My 95 doesn't show this problem (Hey, I'm a lucky guy). I don't believe, the error does much harm, it's just annoying at startup. You can use your 95 the normal way. It's possible, that the 95 doesn't discharge the batteries completely, because the voltage trigger points are wrong. I'll ask my friend about this behaviour.

BTW: did you install Buddy95 written by Jeff Mattox? It's a great help when you want to use your 95.


Thank's for your respond. I'm reliefed it's just a bug. It is indeed annoying when you turn-on the machine.But how can i tell when the batteries are low for real?

I have no connectivity kit for it,yet. But what is Buddy95? Will it also tuck me in?


You found the problem. Nobody knows when the batteries are really low. As far as I remember, you have the battery readings too with buddy95.

Buddy95 is a real value for 95 users. Note: There's also a Buddy100 for HP100 and possibly 200 users, but the 95 needs Buddy95 (No I'm not related anyhow with Jeff Mattox).

If you need a connectivity pack just buy an 48 cable. It's the same type. You need a working implementation of Kermit or XMODEM (this is available in every Windows version).

Just connect the cable and enter your settings into the Terminal programs. You can transfer anything you want with this method. I remember programming in Turbo Pascal 4 on my 95 without a problem.


So i can use the same connectivity kit as i use for my HP49G ang HP48G ? I asked my HP helpdesk if i could use the connectivity kit of my calculator for my HP95-LX,and he said NO. The pin out-put is different.???

Where can i find buddy95, or do i have to buy it?


You can only use the cable - not the software. I remember buying the cable seperately (without SW) years ago.

For transfer, you need a Kermit or XMODEM program - Windows includes at least XMODEM. Kermit is available for almost any platform. You might also want diet, a file compressor.

I can't remember all of the useful goodies now.

The cable has a large plug (8 pin for the HP 100/200 series) and an adaptor, which allows connecting to the 48 series and the 95.

I searched BUDDY95 on the internet, but I couldn't find it. I can send it via email, if you like. It's shareware.

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