SD cards for the HP49G+


Hi, Do these SD cards come in 512KB ?
Where in the US could I get them?


FWIW, at I see 64Mb, 128Mb, and 256 Mb card (the last apparently for under $100.00).

My camera came with a 16Mb card installed.

Maybe someone else can address whether 512Kb are available, but I doubt it, given the sizes of these others ...


I could have sworn I saw larger capacities at CompUSA. Also, do check the online stores. I think I did see them up to 1GB; the reason why it seems to be in my mind is that I kind of recall seeing some awful price, upwards of $200 USD for one of these.


Yes there are 512 MB SD cards, I believe one is on sale today only ay for ~$150. Pretty good deal. I don't think the 49G+ can handle that much though I could be wrong...


Actually, if I recall, VPN (I can't spell his name without looking at it!) mentioned that the 1GB SD card does exist, only it has to be ordered (online, I guess). I'm pretty sure though that I physically saw a 512 MB one in a store. (I'm using a 256 MB one stuck in a portable Jumpdrive unit right now to carry files from one place to another conveniently- no more floppies or even Zip disks; I keep these for backup purposes.)


My Palm Tungsten|T uses SD cards and, yes, I've physically seen 512MB cards ($400 Canadian... ouch). The 1GB cards have been announced but are still in pre-production, AFAIK. Of course, you can expect to pay an early adopter premium on that baby. Besides, I'm not sure it is the right choice for a calculator...


Patrick, thanks for the confirmation.

Yeah, aside from technical factors, a 512 Mb or 1Gb SD card is just plain too expensive.

But I had asked a question and had not yet gotten an answer. Let me rephrase it:

Is there some minimum SD card size that the 49G+ requires? (I hope not!) This is because, as VPN did ask, how much memory would even a 49G+ need?? Therefore, an affordable 64 Mb or even 128 Mb would make an optimal choice, if they're acceptable to the 49G+.


I have successfully tested 64MB SD, 8MB MMC, 64MB MMC. The Nokia 8MB MMC has plenty of room left for both the calc and the old 9110i Commmunicator. For cameras get the largest. For calc get the cheapest. For Nokia/calc get MMC. I have now that 64MB MMC for my 49g+. The 8MB is back in my B/W 9110i. The 64MB SD is with the original owner.

The DOS FAT16 partition size limits is "standard" 2GB/32K clusters. You maybe may be able to format an SD card as 4GB/64K clusters for FAT16. The 49g+ can handle at least any "legal" size MMC/SD as FAT16. I believe that future ROM upgrades will give better access to long names (non-DOS), but no support for FAT32 (to access some Terabytes).



Thank you Mr. Nousiainen, for making that all clear. And I will remember you name... at least better than I did last night!

I think then, that I'll just look for an affordable SD card, when my 49G+ arrives. I heard rumors of that...


"FAT" ? "DOS" ? "non-DOS long names" ?
Is there some relationship between the 49G+ and the worst OS in the world ?
Please be it not so !!


"FAT" ? "DOS" ? "non-DOS long names" ? Is there some relationship between the 49G+ and the worst OS in the world ? Please be it not so !! ######

No, it's Sinclair compatible - you remember that 68010 CPU machine with tape drives? Just kidding! What file system you think your digicamera is using? You need to have some kind of compatibility in the file system. There is no DOS, just FAT16 like in cameras. So don't worry, be happy!

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