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When I'm doing correlation analysis using my 19BII, as shown on p. 166 of Owner's Manual, I'm having trouble deleting variables created by NAME in the SUM menu. For example, after I've run a problem I want to reload the list and use the same names for X and Y. I'm having trouble doing that. Or, if I want to give the lists new names but delete the old names (variables), I can't seem to find a scheme that works. I've deleted the data and the labels but the variables still remain. Thanks for you help.


Hi, Jim;

I am not sure that I'll answer your question completely, but I took a look at the HP17BII manual (mine is in Spanish, so I think page numbers may not match) and I read an observation at the bottom of Page # 24 (seems to be "Start Using your HP17BII") where some variables are mentioned to be permanent, meaning they exist anytime in calculator's memory. Also, I remember reading somewhere else (HP19BII User's Guide, and mine is in Portuguese...) that clearing (system?) variables is storing a "zero" on them.

I'm not sure about it, but maybe some statistical variables are created with default names, and the calculator will store "zeroes" on them instead of "purging" them out when they are cleared. As for CLEAR and PURGE (HP28/48/49), I think that the remaining variables are consistent.

Please, if my analysis is wrong, I'd invite others to add applicable corrections.

Let us know if you succeed.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 11 Oct 2003, 2:11 a.m.


Luiz, I believe I have it figured out. Aren't these the things we work on while they're changing pitchers? Thanks.

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