Speed up a HP42S and some more


This is for the 42-users:

To speed up (or slow down) a 42 temporarely do the next: Press [on] and [log] and then [<-] Go to adress 40300:7 change the 7 in a F (dubble speed) Change the 7 in a 0 for half speed. To leave this mode goto 00000:00 type [.] You are now in operating mode. Switching the 42 off resets it to normal speed or whatever for change you've made will be reset to standard setting (very fool-proof).

If you're planning not to use your 42 for a while you can put it in a deep-sleep-mode press [on] and [+] and [XEQ]. This will save batteries.

If you want to be annoying type the next program on somebody else his 42: LBL"KILL" SF11 OFF GTO"KILL" END. To get out of this loop press quickly [R/S] or [ON] and [Vx]. Flag 11 can also be used for "autoexec"-ing a normal program like "smily" (can be found in the 42 manual)



Does the deep-sleep preserves memory contents?


I Have not used it for long, nut yes the memory should be preserved.


Yes, this stuff was well known on HP41....

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