Instruction manual for HP 20s


Hi- I am looking for an instruction manual in English for the HP 20s. Does anyone have an ecopy or a link to where I can find a copy



I don't know of a source for an electronic English manual, but if you go to the main hp page and search on "20s" you will find a wealth of step-by-step instructions for its use. If you have any specific questions, then ask here and I will try to answer them.



Hey! The manual is still offered for sale at Samson Cables! Look at this link:


I am in this page but I don't get the download... help, please and sorry if I'm stupid...

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I went to that page and I didn't see a link, either. I think HP took it offline. This may be why some of these companies are selling this out of print manual for so much money (I think that's what it cost when it was still new!)


You select the language (only spanish and portuguese available) and click on the arrow at the right of the language window. The page reloads and a new frame appear below with the title of the selected manual and the file size (10 MB for the spanish one, I think is scanned and put in a PDF, so it's not searcheable(?)), you click on the title and the download begins.

The download is complete now and I can confirm is a scanned version.

If you are interested I think I have a spare one some where, contact me and I'll look for it.


Calculator Source has the 20S manual for $19.95 plus shipping



Boy these folks are selling discontinued calculators for out-of-this-world prices!


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