N-Cell Batteries?


Is there a place to purchase Lithium N-Cell batteries? The ones that came with my HP28C lasted for 5 years. The alkalines only last a few months.

I am tired of tying in programs.

Colin Kaminski


Alkalines should last several months, and you would not need to retype programs if you replace them promptly when the low battery sign appears. N Size alkalines could be purchased from Radio Shack, Eveready, Duracell, between others. I am not sure that lithium batteries are acceptable for these calculators, specially for models that are a decade old, as the 28C is. Since handling and operation of lithium batteries is very critical (risk of explosion exist if mishandled or misused), I suggest you to stay with alkalines.


Bothe Eveready and Duracell GUARANTEE the device (calculator) will not be damaged by their batteries leaking. Years ago I had my first HP-41CV refurbished by HP at the battery company's expense.


I never had memory-loss by battery-swich. Just do it quick.


In my experience (of HP-41s), you should make sure that you take less than an hour to change batteries :-)

Seriously, unless there's a fault with the calculator, you've got (at the very least) several minutes to change batteries.

Just make sure you do it with the power off.

And a comment on Lithium batteries -- Lithium has an internal resistance between NiCad and Alkaline, so if you can use Alkaline and Nicad, Li is also OK.

Umm, yes, you can use Nicad in HP41s, so Li is OK.

Just make sure you get 1.5v lithium batteries :-)

As for other N cell using calculators (like the HP28), I have no idea.

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