How does one access files on the HP-75 Visicalc & Text Formatter modules?


I have an HP-75 that contains the VisiCalc and Text Formatter modules. While I have a manual for the HP-75 itself, I have none for the modules, and these manuals do not seem to be in the HP Museum's CD archives.

Can anyone tell me how to access the programs on these modules? Does anyone have a list of file names, or know where documentation can be found?

Thanks very much. -- Tom


To start visicalc type "VC". To exit press shift-attn (like you're turning the 75 off).

To obtain a menu in visicalc press "/" (remember lotus 123?). You should be able to decipher oost of the operations by experiment.

Also, "time" "appt" and "edit" are all can experiment to find out what they do because I forget.



Thank you, Andy! With your instructions, the VisiCalc is now working great. Does anyone have the magic word for starting the Text Formatter? -- Tom

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