Where in the World is the 49G+ or the 48GII?


I don't know about the rest of you people, but I want to know where and when the 49G+ and 48GII are going to hit the street (in the USA). My mouth has been watering ever since I heard about these calcs. I can't wait any longer!

In the meantime, I happily computing away on my 48GX. I doubt that the new calcs will replace my trusty 48GX, or 48SX, or 42S, or 32S, or 41 (CV or CX), or 32SII, or 28S, or 15C or 11C. But I just still can't wait to take the new calcs for a test drive.


Jack, you are NOT alone! I check the HP web site for new calculator announcements 50 million times a day!!!


Let's see... 50,000,000 times in 86,400 seconds...578 times a second... So maybe you're the reason that site seems a little sluggish lately :^)


PS, Don't your fingers get tired, or do you have it automated?


Larry, I was able to get hold off teh robot from Lost In Space, and with a little bit of C++ programming made him connect to the Internet and check the HP website. So yes I have it automated.




And another thing. I noticed that Amazon.com has new entries for the HP49G+, HP48GII, and the HP33S. These items are listed as not yet available, but it sounds like it's coming down the pipeline. This week was SUPPOSED to be the launch week!


. . . the Samson Cables catalog site since I pre-ordered a 33s. It seems they're doing a good job of keeping visitors posted re: what they hear about the upcoming models.


I have pr-ordered my HP form Smasoncables myself and I check the hpshopping site 51 million times!! I even called them today and they don not have a clue, get this the person who answered said Christmas!!!! (EEK) I am going to Europe....who wants one


Crikey! Christmas? Maybe they were retaliating out of frustration due to the load of questions they must be getting..

I visited a local Fry's Electronics here in San Diego on Saturday, and the calculator guy said he was waiting "any day"..he said to check back on wednesday which is today. But still no word...



Might be a disappointment for a few. Normally, when running my surveying programs with my 48GX or 42S I never watch the display because when i press a key it registers. Well believe me when I say that you must watch the 49G+'s display for input. I have regularly pressed buttons and they never registered on my 49G+. Big problem when you are typing about 20 lines of data. But on the plus side, it really is much faster than the 48GX.



These stores always say, "Check back this coming ___day! The truck arrives then!" They tell me this in Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Staples, etc. At least Samson Cables, and others online aren't committing to a specfic day in the week to come. I truly wonder what's going on over on HP's end. Could it really be a production issue? Or, as someone else said, it's a financial year issue? Whatever. We've got to wait in any case.

After reading many of the posters here, I think I'm going to give poor Samson Cable's site a rest from my checking! And here I thought my connection slowed down.


Hi, Jack,
I just bought my new HP-49g+ from CalcPro in Oregon. I ordered it on 10/7 (it was in stock) and arranged for delivery yesterday morning 10/8. It arrived just as advertised and is the third most beautiful thing I ever saw, next to my two daughters.
I've enjoyed doing business with CalcPro, and I can highly recommend them to anyone.
Jim Chumbley



Since you already have one......

I'm considering grabbing a 49G+, since my 48SX is recently deceased.

Just looking at the keyboard of the 49G+, I don't see any buttons for Swap, Drop or Roll....Are these functions easily accessible? How?

I'm sure that they are there somewhere, but I'd be a little more comfortable if I knew how a user accessed them.




right arrow does swap, backspace does drop. those two and the rest are in the softkey menu that comes after pressing up arrow.


Hmmmm.... I wonder how Calcpro got the 49G+'s and no one else did (outside of the U.S.)? Well, since I got hold of a 48G+, it'll make the wait that much easier. Maybe now I can get some stuff done on a 48... the 48G was so memory limited I could only really use it as a scientific calculator, for which it is not really optimized. 128K! Sounds like infinity, almost!


I am not sure how many of you are in the business of developing and manufacturing products, but I can tell you that missing ship and to-market dates are devastatingly easy to do. I'm not making excuses for HP or their contract manufacturer, but that is a fact.

There are a thousand and one things that can go wrong if the product engineering and design are perfect. Some of these include: contract issues, employee training, machine setup/failure, inadequate spare parts, revision of subcomponents, poor project manager, loss of key technical leaders, intervention from marketing and sales, inadequate quantity or quality of raw materials, logistics issues, a typhoon, accidents, etc.

If they are revising the design, or discover flaws in the transition from prototype to production units, it could be even more time before they see the light of day.

If they are not, then this is where the program/project manager and team earns their pay. Provide leadership, do detailed planning to avoid errors, mitigate the negative impacts, resist design change, make contingency plans, delegate tasks, and make the critical path schedule.

With the roll-out of 3 different models, so close together, through a contract manufacturing arrangement in Asia, the challenge must have been tremendous. No one should be surprised that the delivery dates have slipped.

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