HP-10C pouch


Where can i buy te original pouch for that calculator? Is HP still manufacturing these?

What do you think about these plastic shell that can be see on the net; are they rigid enought of cheap?



I do not believe anything for the 10C is made by HP anymore. I don't even believe you easily find it, either. I have not seen the hard cases you are talking about, so I cannot say about those. Can you give an address or link to one of those sites that sell the hard cases?


This ad was posted awhile back from classic calculators for 1xC series calcs. Leather pouches.

Classic Calculators




Sense HP still makes the 12C and now the 12CP, they are the same size as the 10C. You could try and get a replacement pouch for the 12C from HP.


Official HP-12C pouches are currently on sale at Samson Cables for $14.99 plus shipping (which is another $6-7).

According to Samson Cables, the current price is marked down from the normal price of $19.99 and the MSRP of $24.99.

The same pouch was used for the 10C, 11C, 12C, and 15C. It has the HP logo, but no specific model number. So I got one for my 11C.

Details at: http://www.samsoncables.com/catalog/prodByCat.cfm


I did not know that<g>

I will have to get one for the wives 11C. Her case is looking it's age. 18 years old.




I forgot the 16C. It had the same case too.

I paid $22 (with shipping) to get a replacement case from Samson Cables for my 11C. Seems like a lot for a little vinyl case. On the other hand, it's rather amazing that I can still get a factory replacement case for a 1984 calculator.

My 11C seems happier since I got it.


Soft LEATHER case (apparently purpose made) for these calculators can be seen at

Martin (uk)


I'd like to hear from people who've purchased one of these newly designed leather cases.

The flap on these new ones is in the long, horizontal direction whereas the flap on the legacy (HP) leather cases was along the short, vertical direction. I imagine this means more case material is needed, and therefore more bulk -- something of a turn-off for me.

Does anyone have both? Which do you prefer?


There have been a couple of people selling new old stock HP vinyl and leather cases for those machines on Ebay rather regularly. They usually go for $10-$20.

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