how to fix hp 11c display


Hi I've got an HP 11C that has a dying display (the liquid cristal "goop" is leaking.

Does anybody know where I could get a replacement display? Would anybody know if it would be possible to buy an old HP 12C and use its display?


Don't know for sure but my HP 10C does not have a LCD designed just for the 10C. There are both F and G indicators at the bottom of the display, the 10C doesn't have a blue shift key. There's a USER indicator but AFAIK the 10C doesn't have a User mode. And there's this D.MY indicator for which I cannot explain its presence. I've never been able to examine other Voyagers, but I think it's very likely HP designed just one LCD to be fitted into all Voyagers models.



The D.MY / M.DY codes are to define date formats for date calculations, I assume used by the HP12C (financial calculator). It seems the display to be the same in HP10C, 11C, 12C, etc. Since the 12C is still available from HP, you may think about buying one to obtain a new display...

Please note: this is only a suggestion to think about, I have not done such "transplant" ever, so I am not able to assess its feasability, technical details, end result, etc.



I haven't actually performed such a transplant either, but my understanding is that the internal construction of Voyagers changed over the years, so a display from a 'modern' HP-12C may not fit an older 11C; it's best to obtain a 12C of the same vintage as the 11C.



I agree, different generations may be different, as it seemed to happen in this case.


All displays for voyager series were the same : BEGIN, D.MY were used for 12C, fg for 11,12,15 and 16, RAD/GRAD for all but 12C, ... etc.

When I was student at college, I owned a 11C on which a pal accidently walked on. The personal liablility insurance paid me one, and I bought a 15C with the money ! Hadding nothing to loose, I tried to open the 11C and the way it was sealed maked very complicated to change the LCD display without making a lot of damage... internally as well as externally. So for the price 11C are on the market now, and provided one finds a display (I am pretty sure they are most unlikely findable, unless you buy a same vintage salvage voyager serie), I'm afraid you'd better off getting a working one

BTW I am selling one :-)


ok - I bought an hp 12c and took apart the display. To make a long story short - it doesn't work. the "pinouts" are different on the 12c although the display looks the same.

Now, my task is to put the 12C back together and get my money back from Staples...

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