33s color scheme is good


Amidst all the 33s-bashing, should we take a moment to summarize the positive points?

1.RPN (not exclusively, but rpn)
2.A pleasant color scheme.
3.Possibility of the 'tactile click' ??
4.No interchangeable face plate form over function.
5.Presumably a flat screen unlike the 49g.
6.contributions here?

Consider this: If our complaints were more penetrating, like demanding 42s menus, soft keys, etc, we'd have little hope of a redesign, but its really only the shape of the keys and their orientation. I'd happily trade the dual line screen for a normal kbd and possibly return of the big enter key.





I'm certain someone has noticed this; however, if not, the new TI business calc looks amazingly like the older HPs. Maybe if the 33S had some business functions, we could argue a change to a more 'TI-like' color scheme and key arrangement...


What is this new calc that you speak of?


6: More (program) memory!

About the two-line display: It'll be great IF it performs something like the 42s handles two lines: occasionally one line for menus, otherwise two lines for program browsing, X & Y stack lines, etc. If they haven't carried two-line behavior into the 32S/SII base code, then the second line probably won't mean much. (Formula entry is o.k., but let's have a full-featured two-line interface!) I suspect you're thinking I worry too much, and you're right: I don't have anything to go on beyond the product sheet and the picture, but let's just say I'm concerned . . .

With regard to menus, I prefer the 32s over the sII, as it has more of the functions buried in menus and not committed to the keyboard, leaving the 32s' front clean and simple. The 33s apparently wears its features on its sleeve rather than discreetly tucked away inside, and consequently its already funny-shaped keyboard is further degraded with generally useless clutter.

OOooops! This was supposed to be about the positives! Sorry!

(Hey, I'm pre-ordered, and in that sense, committed to at least give it a try . . . )


I note that Samson Cables has just changed their ETA for MY HP-33s to "unknown". (Apparently they've been told by H-P that the thing is delayed indefinitely.)

Maybe H-P is knee-deep in a keyboard redesign? (I doubt it, but one may dream!)

Maybe I should upgrade my order to an HP-49G+ . . .


Maybe that's the plan! Release it after you get a bunch of guys to go for the big calculator! ;)


> Maybe H-P is knee-deep in a keyboard redesign? (I doubt it, but one may dream!)

...hm... As I have said earlier in this forum, delays for the HP-33S might not neccessarily mean bad news.

> Maybe I should upgrade my order to an HP-49G+...

Once Hrastprogrammer has adapted HP-42X for the HP-49G+ I would definitely go for a HP-49G+ instead of a HP-33S. (Theoretically HP-42X on the HP-49G+ would be 100% HP-42S compatible, have 96K RAM, have I/O, and run 3-5 times faster than the real HP-42S!)

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling


Why would you want a 42S emulator on a 48/49/49G+++ or anything else???? I don't get why you would not just use the calculator you have.. An emulator would not have key labels, the size is bigger, the emulating calculator has more functionality than the emulated calc, etc... Certainly a calc emulator for a PC or Pocket PC/Palm make some sense, but I am missing something with this desire to emulate one RPN calculator with another RPN/RPL calculator. I must be missing something, could someone help me understand this market?



> Why would you want a 42S emulator on a 48/49/49G+++ or anything else????

There are several reasons - 1) You might prefer the keystroke programming of the HP-42S. 2) You want to run programs written for the HP-41C(V/X)/42S. 3) You are running Emu42 on your PC but you need a device to key your programs into (keying in programs on the HP-48GX keyboard is much nicer than on the PC keyboard). 4) You know how to use the HP-42S even in your sleep and don't have the time to learn another calculator (remember, many of us in this forum has *both* demanding jobs and a family!) 5) The HP-42S lacks I/O but a calculator emulator gives you the oppurtunity to emulate a HP-42S with LOAD/SAVE functionality

Just to name a few...

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling


If Erik E. didn't already mention it explicitly, four-level RPN is preferred by many over RPL for ad hoc use, as well as for programming.

One drawback to 42x would be the 48G's form factor -- it's pretty clunky in that respect when compared to the actual 42s. But there are certainly several promising aspects as well.


BUT, don't you need to own a REAL 42s in order to get the ROM?




Apparently they've been told by H-P that the thing is delayed indefinitely.

Well, this seller seems more confident:



Google's translation:

lt. HP of the successors of the HP 32 SII - attention, as per HP should be available this computer starting from September 2003 - is it however not! The distribution will take place all foresight in November this yearly. Orders it now. The computer as soon as it is verfuebar, to it rausgeschickt with DHL express for euro 6, -. you receive a calculation with proven VAT information in English language under this address as pdf file: http://www.hpcalc.org/images/datasheet33s.pdf

Reading between the lines, I suspect s/he's not so confident . . .

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