Calcs in production


As my sources disagree, I prefer to ask to the specialists in the forum:
What are the hp calculators currently in production ?

All the best



I'm guessing . . .

Older Models:

New Models:
HP-12C Platinum
HP-10BII+ (did I make that one up?), HP-17BII+

HP-48GII, HP-49G+

HP-33S (not quite released yet . . .)

HP-9S, HP-9G

Have I missed anything obvious?


Ouch! Has there ever been this few models in production (after 1975)? In late 1985 / early 1986 there were only 5 (6 if you include options): HP11, 12, 15, 16, 41C(V/X).


The Hp-40g is the last Hp sold in the local supermarket, but it is not in Paul's list.
I never try it and it don't seem to have the "HP keyboard".
What do you think about it ?



I guess you forgot to mention the 6S.
My pet favourite calc machine!



The HP40G seems to pack a lot of power, but I found it very very hard to use. Probably from lack of desire to learn its complicated usage.
Apart from that, it feels solid, and is well built (no scratching screen). However, it has a painful hard-to-press keyboard (probably like the 49G), and is very slow (YMMV).
Maybe at a middel-class price it would be a good mid-range offer after the same hardware revamping as the 49G+ ?

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