HP, if you are watching.


My digital watch reads 10/21/03, the 33s still isn't out, but I walk into my local electronic store for the weekly check of the release status of the new HPs. As I round the corner and eventually pass the stacks, and stacks, and stacks of TIs, the (likely) dark blue or white box will catch my attention...I look away in hopes of storing this anticipated moment...and retrace the arc back to the box...the 33s is ....not v-shaped!!! YES!!! I pull out my cell phone, check my balances, and carry 5 or 6 packages to the counter. I carefully deposit them on the counter and pull out my mastercard and check cash for the anticipated burger/introduction to my new calc lunch, and wait for him to swipe my card. In eagerness, I offer my ID, and sign, wondering if any user groups are waiting to ambush me and fairly distribute my insane greed amongst the masses...but no! My rpn/rectangular future is secure, the shelves are full of them! I carry both bags to the door, exit to the sunny fall weather, stomach indicating hunger levels, and make my way to my car..BEEP BEEP BEEP! 6:00AM Darnit! It was a dream....or..was it? (hint HP...HINT!!) :)


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