Prelude to a 49g+ computation


Well, I'm unwinding after my first day owning a new 48gx. Its letting my 32sii get some r&r. I'm a little frustrated, but it must be from going to a slightly different kbd layout. I suddenly appreciated just how efficient I had become behind the keys of the 32sii. I'll have to train myself to accept having more than one calc.

Its funny how going from 'keystroke' programming to more involved stuff can seem like stepping into 3D from a flat world. I am overwhelmed and dont know where to start, it doesnt like my attempts to assign the 'sqrt' function to a user key. Boy, I 'owned' that 32sii...thought I was a power

Ok, so this is the way to go right? I mean if you all had choices, and had to choose one, would it be the 48gx or the new ..49g+?

By the way, I've been 'imaginarily keying in' computations into the 49g+ on image of the new calc. Its really frustrating to have to relearn function locations, hahaa. In a way, having a 49g+ and a 32sii almost could work for me, as the keybds are WAY different, enter, more clutter, etc, so in that way I'd instinctively know there is extreme differences between the two and not end up squareing a figure when I need e^x evaluated, lol.

Long post, but its a way to release after the shocks of stepping away from something comfortable.



Having both, I'd say get the HP49G Plus. GX has better keys, but the G Plus blows it away in every other area.


I admit the 49G+ looks great. But how good is it on batteries. If you need batteries every 4-6 weeks and when the battery indicator shows low, do you have days/hours or minutes before she crashes and locks up.

A 48G series will still last through the week.


when the battery indicator shows low, do you have days/hours or minutes before she crashes and locks up

Doesn't the 49G+ have a CR2032 for power backup purposes?

I would trust a backup battery more than a capacitor...



Thats very comforting during an exam, to know my programs won't be lost. Now how do I pass the exam? Unless I can switch over to the backup battery for that last calculation.

The new 49G+ may very well be as good with batteries as the 48G series (which isn't great, but still would go 2-4 months on average with average use). That is the point I am trying to make.


Apart from bringing with you 3 AAAs ;-) one should try the 1.22 ROM upgrade.

As stated on the HP site:

This version corrects a couple of bugs, most noticeably reduces significantly the power consumption in OFF mode, increasing dramatically the battery life



I had an HP67 first and was happy. (RPN, manual, keys, case, rugged etc.)

I then bought an HP32Sii and was even happier. (Manual, battery life and a few more functions, although LEDs have more of a soul than LCDs)

I then bought an HP49G and was very unhappy. (Impossible learning curve, manual, battery life, quick start guide, keys, scratches, manual, slow (try 2 + 2!), manual, creaky case and before I forget: the documentation was C.R.A.P)

I then bought an HP48GX and was dissapointed. (Good manual and construction but very steep learning curve and completely different to the RPN calcs, have to do alot of work and 'thinking' to do the same tasks as the HP32S).

I then bought an HP42S and was happy again. (see reasons under HP32).

So will I buy the HP49Gxyz? Hmmmm - what do you think. Unless the manual is 1e+99 times better or HP offer a good trade in for my HP49G then no.

Will I buy the HP33S? Well depending on user feedback about construction, manual and battery life - yes.

I'll just have to face it, I'm an RPN man not RPL.

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