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Hi Anybody knows who could I get paper for the HP 97 ? Is it possible to replace the paper with the paper for the newer HP calculators ?

Thanks a lot


Hi, You can use the thermal paper sold at office depot made by NCR. I have even seen a brand of thermal paper sold at Target stores in their calculator area. The printing is black, as opposed to HP blue paper.


I've also tried the NCR thermal paper available at Office Depot in an HP 82143A printer. It printed great. I have no idea whether it will damage the print mechinism or not.


Paper for the 97 is still available through HP. It is the same paper used in the HP 82143, 82162, and 82240 printers. It is available through HP suppliers.


My paper box (82175A) says, that this paper doesn't fit for the HP91, 92 and 97 series. It does fit for the HP 82143, 82162, and 82240 printers.

The older calculators printheads might wear off faster with this paper, even if it works (prints).

I'm no expert in this area, this theory is just a guess. If somebody has anoder explaination, please post it.

I don't believe, that a paper, that fits mechanically is automatically suited for such a device (How is thermal papers described technically).

In an earlier thread somebody posted, that there's a Hpjournal article about this theme, but I don't know which journal.


There was an article in "HP Keynotes" (I think that was the name of the publication) stating that the black thermal paper for the new HP-41 printer was NOT suitable for use in the HP-97. The problems were lighter printing and a potential to damage the print head due to the different chemistry used. After they stopped selling the blue paper, I called HP Customer Direct Sales and was told that the black paper was now OK for the HP-97. This was probably B.S., but with no options available I ordered 12 boxes each containing 6 rolls. These were used in 3 HP-97S calculators. Two of the calculators were used to control a pair of Karl Fisher water titrators in the lab, and the other was used as a data logger on a filling line. I never had a problem with the print heads on any of the calculators although the print was slightly lighter than with the blue paper. NOTE: Using a lighter print setting will prolong the print head life. I hope this helps.

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