Hp 41CX


Hi friends (hp users) !!

I wonder where I can find (by) a nice HP 41CX with modules in Sweden?.


Sorry for the language fellow Americans,

Hej du Andreas, hur mor du? Jag kom fran sverige i augusti. Jag bor har i USA. Unfortunately, I dont know where to find the 41cx, just wanted to say hi to a Swede. :)

To keep the rest of you in this post, I simply said 'hi, how are you, I just came back from sweden in august'

Best of luck


I remember seing a retailer near the Sveriges Radio building in Stockholm a few years ago that seemed to specialize in HP calculators - particularly older ones. I now wish I had actually made a note of his address or, even better, bought his entire stock...

/Andreas (som flyttade från Sverige till Irland 1998 och snabbt insåg hur dumt det var)

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