41CV keyboard problem


I have a 41CV that is has intermittent keyboard problems. The "-" key is very hard to press sometimes. Also, the "on" key does not always function. Last, I've lost a rubber foot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The calculator has seen daily use since 1981 and I can't imagine switching to something new unless its a last resort.




What I have done that works, is find the small hole under the key on the internal circuit board, and squirt some contact cleaner into the hole. Then tap the key several times. Unfortunately, to get to the internal circuit board, you have to take the calculator apart. Be very careful because there is serious risk to damaging the CPU board contacts if the CPU board is removed. Some of the keys holes are located under this board.


"tv tuner cleaner" and carbon tet come in spray cans with the little red wd40 type straw too, if you cant find "contact cleaner". take off any overlays and be careful to blot the exess or you'll bleach your keyboard a bit.

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