Module storage boxes


Some month ago I found a very usefull sorage box for all my HP-41/71/75 modules. Is is white transparent and can be put into a file. It can hold 32 modules a "page" and is available in Germany by Conrad Electronic:

Holder for 32 modules: 419150 (Klarsicht-Sordiment mit 32-Fächern)
Holder for 10 larger items: 419184 (Klarsicht-Sordiment mit 10-Fächern)

I hope I can help many collectors by this posting.. I had many asks for these numbers...


I hoffe numm, Du gisch ke Dütsch: KLARSICHT-SORTIMENTS-MAGAZIN 50x schriibe!



Auf der Homepage:

Keine Ahnung, was eine Soriment ist, da sagt mir Sordiment schon mehr ;-)

I do not have as many 41 modules as Matthias, but this seems to be a good solution for all those who like to have a tidy collection.

Thanks, Matthias, for sharing this information.


Yes for sure, it is a very good solution if you have as many modules as Mattias. I saw his collection an I'm still impressed - and a bit envious.


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