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Hello fellow MCoders, (you know who you are...)

This is really a very simple question. I just need to know the entry point for a subroutine in the 41 CX. It is part of the X-functions, but I don't have the VASM listings for it.

The routine is called "RSTKCA", and as such it should be listed in the VASMS.

I know where it's located in the X-Functions Rev. C module: at address "PA06" (P is the page number). Of course that's different from the CX, as HP moved the entry points when building the bank-switched CX-Xfunct.

Can you help?

Best, ÁM.


In XFunc 1C is at pA06 a call to "main frame" 0952.

FA06 149 *          
FA07 024 NCXQ 0952 =ENCP00

ENCP00 is 'Enable chipset 0' if I remember correctly. Yes, look here:

0952 046 C=0    X
0953 3F0 PERSLCT
0954 270 RAMSLCT
0955 3E0 RTN
That disables peripherals as there is no peripheral 00, selects the 'first page' of RAM (stack, alpha, status) and returns.

What are you doing BTW???



Yes, but later on there's code to reset the key assignement bits on the keyboard keys.

This is part of a "Reactivate Local assignments" routine, companion to a "Suspend Local assignments" one.

I got it working with CV and X-functions, but it flunks on the CX.

Now, do you know where (at which address) is that entry on the CX??

Is it possible that HP never made the CX VASM listings available??

Best, AM.


I could dissasemble any chunk of code you want.

I have not played with mcode much yet. If you can tell me what exactly tto look for, or if you want me to run a "ticker tape" printout I could.

I was contemplating connecting up the disassembler (HEPAX is my favorite, an HP-IL Module, an HP-IL Video Display, and the family VCR and see if I could make a useable video-tape dump of a module.

Let me know ...



Chris, thanks for your offer.

I ended up copying the code stream from the x-functions module directly into my function. Now it works for both the CX and CV w/ X-fct. It took a bit more of space, but I had plenty left, so I'm happy.

Yeah, the HEPAX disassembler is also my favorite. In fact, I've always contended that the HEPAX module (device more properly) is the holy grail for the 41 system...

Hey, let me know if you want sponsors for your video! It sure sounds like a tremendous idea :-?).


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