HP41C Story


Now here's an unusual "calculator memories" story. I stumbled across it by accident and thought it was worth passing on. The toe switches are rather novel.


Apologies if you've seen it already


What's the use of toe switches ? When I put my 48GX down there, I can't even make out the numbers, much less do it while playing cards ! (Besides, I always end up hitting 2 or 3 keys at once)

Seriously, interesting application of the 41 series.

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The toe switches were used to input the cards and the output on the watch told whether to hit, etc.


I worked with one of the group while living in Denver during the 80's. He showed me how it worked and told me how the group would fly to Vegas for the weekend and come back with extra money. They stopped after the penalties became too severe to make it worth the risk.

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