Sharp Elsi Mate EL-5001 worth anything?


Here I go again,off hp topic but...I found this at the same thrift store(as my other post) and was wondering if it has any value?

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Calculators are only worth what someone will pay for them.


Thank's for the insight....what's it worth?


It's only worth what you're willing to pay for it. Period!
(don't be an ass)


D4days,Didn't mean to be an ass,but what I would pay for it has nothing to do with it's value.I dont collect calculators...but many people do!The value is what someone else would pay for it,that was my question.With a little more research,looks like a rare/unusual one,but havn't found a list price(what someone else would pay).Thanks just the same.

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Collectors pay whatever they have to sometimes to get what they want.


Yea,I searhed the web looking for a value and saw a pic of one,but none for sale.


The EL-5001 is fairly rare and sought after due to its unique barrel function selector switch. It's the only calculator that I've seen with this feature that let's you select which functions the top 4 keys will perform by using a rotating 6-position switch.

My guess is that you'll get $50-$100 for it on ebay. I've only seen a couple of them go by and they both went for around $75.

#10 it for .60 cents.


Here is an interesting link I found with some specifics.All is over my head,I never mastered higher math,wish I had this calculator in algebra 101...might of passed!I charged the battery and seems to work good.

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here's a link to a similar model]

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