Is the IR printer Still in production


If the HP 49G+ as IR ports, and the 17BII+ as the printer capability, then HP should launch again the IR printer. It is the printer still in production?.
Does anyone know if is still in the USA, ( because there are some in Spain and Germany.)



I bought an HP 82240B (new) a couple of months ago at:

Tom Scott
Lander, WY


... it is not RPN (sigh)


As far as I can tell, the 82240B is out of production, but you may well
be able to find some still available. Note that they frequently show up
on eBay. Note that for the 48 and 49 series calculators, you'll want an
82240B instead of an 82240A, to get the ECMA 94 character set.

I don't have a 49G+ (yet), but I've read that the 49G+ can still print
to the HP 82240 printers.

Does anyone know whether the 49G+ can print by IrDA as well as the "Red
Eye" protocol used for the HP 82240 printers?

Martel Instruments has some nice printers that look to me as if they
should work HP calculators. See Perhaps HP will
re-badge one of these, or have Martel Instruments make a customized
version for HP. If the 49G+ can print by IrDA, I wonder whether the
"IrDA physical layer" would suffice, or would the "IrDA stack" be

Some of the Martel printers also have RS-232 available, so should work
with the "old" 49G, although I expect that a special application on the
calculator would be needed for printing graphics.


hp 49g+ has a "real" IrDa at 115,200. I have not tested it yet. Not on an old printer, not with an IrDA compatible printer, not even connected to a laptop. I use solely the USB at 115,200 to connect to a PC. The amazing 12*speed has prevented me to reverting back to any old HP with only 9600 baud serial connection. I don't use my HP 48GX anymore... )-`:


Hi Veli-Pekka,

I don't have anything that can use IrDA yet, so if and when you experiment
more with IrDA on the 49G+, any information that you can give us would
be appreciated.


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