Sparcom´s Drive95



Anybody use Sparcoms´s Drive95 with the HP49GX?

If yes, which drivers and connection cables are needed?

Thanks for help!



I don't use a 49GX, I think you mean the 49G+ ;-)

However, the Drive95 acts as a KERMIT server,
so if your 49Ganything has KERMIT,
it'll work. Just use the appriorate KERMIT commands.

Please note that the Filer library from the Drive95 diskette won't work in any 49G machine. That filer from James Donnelly is exclusively for the real HP-48 series.
For DOS based machines, like the LX series, a driver is supplied on the disk, too.

The HP-48 series and the 49G have a 'normal' serial port,
the 49G+ has a mini USB, maybe a usb-to-serial adapter could do, but that should be in the manual;-)

BTW: Watch the NiCd cells!



Hi Raymond....

I don´t mean the 49G+, I mean the 48GX.

Thank you for your information.....


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