HP15 Display and interior


I recently bought an HP15C. There is a spot (dirt, whatever) behind the glas of the display (on the inside). Is there a way to clean the inside of the glas?

I opened the case but wasn't bold enough to go any further. Didn't want to break anything... Any clue?

When I opened the calculator I found out that there was NO sheet wrapped around the electronix, is that standard on a 1984 Voyager? I read that it should be wrapped completely around the electronix.

Thanx in advance, Peter



The plastic wrap was only used in the oldest design. That design had the entire display on a separate circuit board. There are several newer designs that have everything on one board.

You may be able to use compressed air and blow around the edges of the display and blow the dust out. Otherwise you have to cut all the heat stakes off and take out the entire circuit board to get to the display. NOT RECOMMENDED for something as insignificant as a partical of dust. I would suggest using the canned pressureized air made for cleaning cameras.


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