Pictures taken during Wlodek's visit to Powell's


In case anyone is interested, here are a couple of images snapped at Powell's Books during Wlodek's visit to Portland on 9/23/2003;

The group around the table (L-to-R: Wlodek M-J, Paul Brogger, Matt Kernal, Dan Roloff, Dave Hicks and Karl Schneider -- taken by Sharyn Brogger) and

sort of the same group (this time including Sharyn, and taken by Karl Schneider).

[Please forgive and correct me if I've gotten any of the names wrong ...]

Thanks to Dave and Wlodek for making themselves available. I believe I speak for all when I say we had a great time!

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Thanks for the pictures Paul, I would have liked to have met you all. I've been to Powell's several times (Portland's a great city; and Powell's the best bookstore!), but couldn't fly in on short notice (I'm in NY).



as (bad) luck would have it , i flew into Portland monday night, but left to get home in time for work on tuesday morning. would have stayed if i'd known in advance...maybe next time?




It is indeed too bad you and others couldn't make it, but I suppose any location and/or time would prove inconvenient for most of us.

Bill: I felt a similar chagrin over hearing too late about the HHC conference in Newport Beach, CA last weekend, but apparently I'd missed or disregarded the earlier announcements. (Perhaps this meeting was mentioned too late for you to make changes in your reservations?)

FWIW, there was some swapping of calculator stories (making, buying, selling & using) and sharing of hardware: Dave brought an HP-94 and a 41 with an Air Force keyboard overlay and a 4x (?) speedup circuit; Matt had his 49G, 11c and a dusty 41 with four modules installed, found at the thrift store for a dollar(!); Karl brought his 34C, 15C and 42S; and I had my Frankenstein's monster 32K-upgraded 42s-in-17B-clothing. Wlodek was also selling and autographing a couple of his latest books: an updated-edition survey of HP programmables and "RCL 20", an informal history of the UK's PPC chapter, the HPCC.

I hope you who are interested may be offered similar opportunities some day (and hope to be involved myself in one or two of those).


Paul, et al. --

It was very good to meet you all! Thanks, Paul, for bringing the digital camera (and Mrs. Brogger as the photog!) I was glad to reciprocate.

-- Karl


Norm Hill --

I was a wee bit disappointed that you didn't attend the gathering at Powell's. Your having mentioned visiting the Fry's in Wilsonville, Oregon led me to believe that you were in the area.

I brought my recently-purchased *1982 soldered-chip* HP-34C (visible in the pictures) along with the HP-15C I bought in November 1983 after comparing both models side-by-side.

I'd planned to show you how the 15C was a vast improvement over the 34C I'd planned to purchase back then. It took some convincing by the young salesman at the university bookstore, but he ultimately succeeded at "showing me the light".

-- Karl


I am afraid that, if some of us plan to convince any others about "best" models (34 vs 15, 41 vs 42, 41 vs 48, etc.), we should choose a Far West saloon for the next meeting, instead of Powell's, Fry's or Borders!

Of course, I'm just joking; or perhaps a little bit envyous for not being at the meeting.

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