HP-49G+ update Problems, HELP!


Has anyone tried to update the ROM on a new HP-49G+? Were you successful? I just received my new 49g+ and have been trying for the last hour or so to update the ROM. Each time it appears as though the image is downloaded correctly, but then after pressing the reset button the display says 'FLASH NEED UPDATE.' I have tried using both the USB connection to a computer and placing the files on an SD card and using that. Same results both ways. Is there some sort of trick? Thanks for any hints or other information you may be able to suggest.


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Dunno about the USB update, but are you sure you gave the update file the correct name as instructed, and placed it in the root of the card?



Hello Raymond:

Yes. All the file names were correct and placed in the root of the sd card, which I re-formatted just to be sure. Thank you for your response.

I think I found the reason. See my next message.


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I think I solved this problem, however I need to do some more detective work before I can be sure. At any rate the new ROM is now installed. In case anyone may be interested, I will relate what I did. When I bought my HP-49G in 1999 one of the first things I noticed was that the date was now given with the month spelled out instead of a number, i.e. SEP instead of 09. Although this was an improvement, in my opinion the fact that the month was in all capitals was a mistake and not very professional. So I used a disk editor to change the names of all the months to capitalized lower case, i.e. JAN to Jan etc. After making this change I downloaded the ROM image to the calculator. Although a crc error was returned, this didn't seem to have any real affect. After downloading the new ROM for the 49G+, I did the same thing, and this may be the reason why the installation failed, for as soon as I used the original image the updating of the ROM procedded correctly.



Have you tryed to Upgrade over the same Rom?.
Example: _ You upgrade to the first rom, and got the message, right. After that you tryed to upgrade for the same version that you install a while ago, right.

I don't see how can you the rom itself can send a message for auto-upgrade. That cannot be possible, because the rom don't recognice itself as a lower OS, but as the highest OS.

Try to flash the first rom. After that go for the last version of the rom. If that doesn't work send me an e-mail at: suffer002a@yahoo.com

I hope this can help you.



Thank you for your response. However I don't understand what you are trying to say. At any rate I was finally able to get the new ROM image installed.


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